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Refund and Returns Policy

Plantparts4u returns policy


Plantparts4u & A Newton plant LTD


A customer (“Buyer”) may wish to ship a certain Product back to PP4u (“Return”) for various reasons:
• Buyer may have a complaint about a Product or Service (“Complaint”) ; or
• Buyer may like PP4u to take back a Product for reasons unrelated to PP4u (“Take Back”) ; or
• Buyer may have purchased a Service Exchange Part and wish to return of his own defective one.

The present General Guidelines on Product Returns policy determine the manner in which all companies of the PP4u Group handle Returns. Buyers therefore must follow these Guidelines in order to validly and effectively communicate with PP4u about their Returns.

PP4u will handle all Returns in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


In order to simplify handling of all Returns as much as possible, PP4u kindly asks the Buyer to respect and follow the following general instructions:

a) Return Application (in case of Complaint or Take Back)

If a Buyer wishes to communicate a Complaint or apply for Take Back, he must do so through one of the following channels:
• on-line, through the Contact us page on PP4u
• in writing (e-mail, fax or letter)
Buyer must clearly state the reasons for his application.

Technical Reviews

PP4u conduct technical reviews on all returned Products.

If the above review by PP4u shows their are defects in or damage to the returned Product which you have not mentioned,

discovered damage as a result of incorrect use.

or damage which mat have arose during return transport PP4u will not be liable for such defects or damage.

PP4u may, at its own discretion, charge a Handling Cost and
may reject Buyer’s request for a Return within the returns policy.


In addition, Buyer must bear the following specific instructions in mind:

a) Complaints

• the Buyer may lodge a Complaint in case PP4udelivery was not in conformity with Buyer’s order, or in case a Product appears to be defective;
• the Buyer should bear in mind the following time constraints.

Damage caused in transport should be mentioned on the consignment note by the courier and buyer is responsible for reporting to PP4u within twelve (12) hours of receipt of the Product.

Complaints relating to visible damage to the Product (other than transport damage) or complaints relating to a delivery that is not in conformity with Buyer’s order must be reported to PP4u no later than 48 hours after delivery.

Other complaints must be reported to PP4u no later than fourteen (14) days following delivery of the Product, unless specified otherwise on the corresponding Product invoice.

b) Take Back applications

• the Buyer may apply for Take Back in case PP4u delivery was in conformity with Buyer’s order, but Buyer wishes to sell the Product back to PP4u at its original net invoiced value. PP4u will only accept to take back Products in their original and unopened packaging;
• PP4u will not Take Back items which have been assembled; parts not in original packaging; seals or control labels; Units ordered or amended especially for Buyer; Products reconditioned by PP4u; Products marked as “non-cancellable and non-returnable” on PP4u sales document; or Products which have a low sales value per unit.
• In case PP4u accepts Buyer’s application for Take Back of a Product, such Take Back will be subject to an administrative surcharge.
• The transport back to PP4u will be organized by PP4u at the risk and expense of the Buyer. PP4u will deduct the transport costs from its credit note to Buyer as per the returns policy.

c) Service Exchange Parts

• where Buyer ordered a Service Exchange Part (“SEP”), PP4u will supply a repaired used, charge a service and repair cost for that part and expect Buyer to return his own, defective part to PP4u;
• the Buyer must ship back its own defective part within fourteen (14) days, and it must still be in repairable condition, i.e., vital parts must not be missing, irreparable, burnt or cracked or irreparably damaged otherwise). If the Buyer does not ship back the defective part in due time or if it is not in repairable condition, PP4u will also charge a Core Charge;

A valid Return Authorization, is essential for PP4u to guarantee a flexible followup of
the Buyer’s Return (including crediting where appropriate).
If the Buyer ships Products back to PP4u without a valid Return Authorization, including Return policy agreement, PP4u will have no other option than to refuse the Buyer’s Return, and charge all ensuing costs to the Buyer.

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